Modern metalurgical complez, expirienced adn qualified staff provide continious melting proces. As a result aluminium alloys with homogenious chemical and physical properties is obtained.
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Technical and technological level based on precise scrap sorting in accordance with class, group and grade, computerized charging card calculation, allow to produce alloys of specified chemical composition and with gas porosity less than 3 points.

Aluminium alloys are supplied in lots of 20-ton batches or more ton in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTM,
  • DIN EN 1676,
  • EN 575:1995,
  • JIS H 2118,
  • NF A-57-703,
  • GOST 1583-93.
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Quality control

Aluminium alloys chemical composition and physical properties incpection, gas porosity are performed on the optical emission spectrometers SPECTROLAB and SPECTROMAXx.

Each melt chemical composition is indicated in the Quality certificate, which is provided to Customer. In order to test chemical composition of alloy by the customer each melt is supplied with test samples for Goods shipment.

The second sample is archived on the enterprise during 6 months in order to perform independent quality examination in case of customer claims.

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Storage and shipment

Plant Quality Department performs control of finished Goods, both during melts acceptance to warehouse, and before Goods shipment to the customer.

After production ingots are cooled, packed and weighted and marked. Each bundle weight is indicated in Packaging List.

Bundles of ingots are stored in warehouse under specified temperature and air humidity in order to avoid oxidation and dusting of finished products.

Packing and Marking