Plant laboratory is equipped with emission spectrometers which allow to identificate and control chemical composition on elements in aluminium grade production before and after casting into ingots.

The principal devices such as spectrometer SPECTROLAB F and SPECTROMAXx by the company SPECTRO (Germany) allow to measure 34 chemical elements in aluminium alloys.

The important aspect in quality control of production is raw material quality control as well as radiation control. Scrap and finished Goods radiation control on the plant are performed in accordance with “Public health and environmental rules and regulations on radiation safety during operations with scrap metal and is subdivided into income, outcome, and periodic radiation control of warehouse territory. Radiation control operations are performed by dosimetrician with the help of dosimetric and auxiliary equipment.

On customer request laboratory tests alloys on gas hydrogen saturation. Measurement of “porosity point” is performed in accordance with Ukrainian standards. This indicator characterizes physical qualities of obtained alloys. Laboratory effects physical and mechanical testing of metals and alloys.

Laboratory is accredited with the certificate of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2015 which allows to analyze chemical composition and radiological measurements.