MZ – is a producer of quality aluminium alloys

MZ is a leader of secondary aluminium alloys production

More about company
MZ is a modern melting complex which allows to produce up to 10000 tons of quality alloys per year.
Applied technologies and up-to-date laboratory give an opportunity flexibly reacton customers’ requests, including production of alloys with a special chemical composition.
MZ alloys quality guarantees its usage for direct costing without any modifications at the end – user production.
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Quality matters
Production quality is provided by high performance of quality management system which is applied on the plant.
Reliable partner
Brand “MZ” is registered on the London Metal Exchange since 2002. We have large production volume and beneficial geographic location.
Modern technologies and trained personnel
Modern metallurgical complex with energy-saving technologies and highly qualified personnel.

Our production

The plant produces secondary aluminium alloys in accordance with standards of Ukraine, EU, Japan and USA. We are specialized in alloys production for direct casting to produce component for automobile industry and other types of machine-building production for home appliances.
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Table of alloys
Wide range of aluminium alloys for various purposes
Packing and marking
Aluminium alloys in ingots weighing 4-6 kg are packed into bundles of 500-1000 kg.
Storage, shipment and transportation
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Technological process. Ecology

The production of high-quality aluminium alloys is obtained due to introduced technological processes of a charge preparation, its metallurgical recycling, quality control in all stages and usage of modern and energy-saving equipment.
Applied modern level technologies permit not only flexibly react to customers’ requests, but also to produce alloys with a special chemical composition.

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Quality control. Laboratory

Obtaining of quality alloys means:
  • Control in all stages of technological process;
  • Following quality management system;
  • Appliance of modern productive and energy-saving equipment;
  • Own laboratory

Plant laboratory is equipped with high efficient emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers to identify aluminium and its alloys. Quality management system is certified in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2015 by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION and UkrSEPRO.


For suppliers

Aluminium scrap is the main raw material for our production process. In order to became our new supplier, please, provide all information in the contact form and our managers will contact you!





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