Aluminium alloys in ingots weighing 4-6 kg are packed into bundles of 500-1000 kg. Binding is performed with steel or polyethylene terephthalate strap from four sides in order to provide safety during transportation to the customer. Foot ingot are plased on the bundle base for loading and discharging by forklift truck.


Each ingot has logo “MZ” which certifies a fact of aluminium alloys own production by MZ and brand recognition beyond Ukraine. Each bundle is marked with alloy name, melt number and bundle number. On customer request, we can provide color marking and packaging label on each batch, indicating:

  • Producer
  • Melt number
  • Alloy grade
  • Bundle number
  • Ingots quantity in bundles
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Date of packaging
  • Name of stockman and foreman of quality department.