Packing and marking:


Aluminium alloys ingots of 4-6kgs are packed in bundles of 500-1000kg each one. Bundles are strapped with steel or polyethylene terephthalate strap from all four sides to provide safe transportation to customer. Foot ingots are very suitable for fork-lift truck handling.


Every ingot bears logotype “MZ” to confirm the fact of own manufacture of aluminium alloys by Mekhanicheskiy Zavod Ltd. and brand recognition well beyond Ukraine. Each bundle to be marked with name of alloy, melt number and bundle number. On customer’s request we can provide color marking of bundles and packing label on every bundle, showing the following:

• Name of producer
• Melt number
• Name of alloy
• Bundle number
• Number of ingots in bundle
• Bundle gross weight
• Bundle net weight
• Packing date
• Name of storekeeper and representative of Q.C. department.