The metallurgical complex includes two melting units providing standard weight of melt 10-12 tones. Melting units are reverberatory gas twin-chamber furnace equipped with mixer and casting line and tilting rotary furnace with tilting holding furnace equipped with electromagnetic stirrer with casting line. Alloys are produced in the form of 4-6kg ingots.

Level of technical and technological equipment, based on careful scrap conditioning by classes, groups, brands and sorts, computer calculation of charges cards allows to produce alloys of the required chemical composition.

Up-to-date production technology provides the monthly smelting up to 1300 tons of high-quality secondary aluminium alloys with required or standard chemical composition with a high degree of refining and gas porosity not higher than 3 points.

Aluminium alloys are delivered in lots of 20t or more according to the following standards:
DIN 1725 (part 5),
DIN EN 1676,
EN 573-3,
JIS H2118,
NF A-57-703,
GOST 1583-93.

Under the additional requirement the following content of elements is provided:
Ca-0.002 % max,
Bi-0.003 % max,
Sb-0.005 % max,
P 0.0015-0.006 %.

Checking for chemical composition, mechanical properties of raw materials, determination of gas porosity of non-ferrous metals and their alloys samples are performed by optic-emission spectrometer SPECTROLAB and SPECTROMAXx.

Chemical analysis of every melt is specified in the Quality Certificate issued to each Customer. Every melt is provided with ready „mushroom” sample, to make more convenient chemical analysis control by our customers.

The second copy of the sample is stored in the production of plant to provide independent expertise of alloy quality in case of customer’s claim.

Quality management department always fulfils visible inspection of the finished products, as at the time of melt acceptance for storage, so before products shipping to the customer.

After production ingots are cooled, packed in bundles and weighted. Then the marking is made. Weight of every bundle is specified in the Packing List.

Packed in bundles ingots are kept in storehouse, with the required temperature and air moisture in order to avoid oxidation and dusting.