The laboratory of the plant is equipped with optic emission and X-ray-fluorescent spectrometers having wide opportunities for aluminium and its alloys chemical composition determination.


The basic devices are spectrometers SPECTROLAB and SPECTROMAXx made by SPECTRO (Germany) which allow to measure 32 elements in aluminium alloys starting
from 0,001 % of the basic components : Bi, Hg, Zn, Sn,
from 0,0001 % Ca, Cu, Mg, Ag, B, Ba, Cd, Li, Na, Sr
from 0,0002 % S, Co, C, Ce,
from 0,0003% Mn, Cr, In, La, Zr
from 0,0005 % Si, Fe, V, Ga, Co, Pb.

The radiation control of scrap and finished products on the plant is performed according to “State sanitary & ecological rules and norms on radiation safety while scrap processing” (DSEPiN 6.6.1.-079/ and consists of entrance control, outgoing control and also periodic radiation control of storage and production facilities. Radiation control is performed by dosimeter using dosimetric instruments and auxiliary equipment.

On customer’s request laboratory tests alloys for gas saturation by hydrogen. The definition of porosity grade is performed by a method of the standard of Ukraine. This parameter characterizes physical properties of the alloys.
The laboratory makes physical testings of metals and alloys.

The laboratory has the certificate of attestation issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine No. 06544-5-1-10-КМС according with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 on carrying out chemical composition analyses and the certificate of accreditation No. № РЧ-0077/2008 on carrying out radiological measurements.