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MZ held voluntary Saturday work in “Dubki”

By Easter there is hardly more than a week. The good manager wants to arrange not only own house, but also the adjacent territory on the street. MZ was decided to take care of a green zone of the Nikolayevskoe shosse in Kherson.

The territory is considered a protective sanitary zone because of location between industrial enterprises and residential areas. The initiator of the voluntary Saturday work Andrei Putilov does not hide – the decision to plant oaks here is not accidental, because the struggle for cutting down the oak grove for the sake of building took plase here. Then the people of Kherson saved oaks from ax. Now the green zone is abandoned.

According to MZ workers, they took the initiative to work here with pleasure, as many of them live in Tavricheskiy district. The dormitory district does not have enough well-kept grounds for rest. MZ staff planted trees less than in an hour and after a public affair hurried to their place of work. MZ hopes that people will follow their initiative and this green zone will be completely updated.

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